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Gardening2 (3).png Simcoe Shores Midland campus is an active campus that engages students in experiential learning opportunities that take them to the community gardens, the YMCA and our local elementary schools. We are grateful for our partnership with KARMA to provide Sassy Snacks, a joint community leadership opportunity between our students and our elementary partner schools.

Our team

MJeffries.jpgMary Jeffries
Classroom Teacher
MMillekHopkins.jpgMonika Milek-Hopkins
Classroom & eLearning Teacher
SFlewelling.jpgSharon Flewelling
Coop Ed. Teacher
FernandezTina.jpgTina Fernandez
eLearning Teacher
Janet Carter

Face-to-face classes 2020-2021

​Semester 1
​Term 1
​Term 2
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 11 Interdisciplinary (CivCar) Gr 11 Travel and Tourism
Gr 11 Environmental ScienceGr 11 Equity, Diversity, and Soc. Justice

eLearning courses 2020-2021

Semester 1Term 1Term 2
Gr 12 ScienceGr 11 Math (Workplace)Gr 12 Making Personal Economic Choices
Gr 11 PhotographyGr 11/12 Literacy CourseGr 12 English
Gr 11 Travel and TourismGr  12 Personal Life MgmtGr 11 Interdisciplinary 
 Gr 10 Discovering the WorkplaceGr 11/12 Math (Workplace)

Gr 11/12 Literacy Course

​Gr 11 Environmental Science

​Gr 11 Science (Workplace)