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The Innisfil campus is located centrally in the Crossroads Plaza in Innisfil.  Students are supported by a dynamic team of teachers who extend learning opportunities with community partnerships, ie. YMCA, and support healthy living activities in the campus kitchen.  We are grateful for the Academic and Citizenship Awards presented annually to an Innisfil Campus student by the ownership of the Crossroads Plaza.

Our team

Evan Stacey.pngEvan Stacey
Classroom Teacher
SFleuelling (2).jpgShannon Fleuelling
eLearning Teacher
MLevely 3 (2).jpgMairi Levely
Coop Ed. Teacher
RouseLyanne.jpgLyanne Rouse

Face-to-face classes 2021-2022

​Semester 2
​Term 3
​Term 4

Gr 11 Canadian Law in Everyday Life

Gr 12 Food and Healthy Living

Gr 10 Non-Traditional Art

eLearning courses 2021-2022

Semester 2Term 3Term 4
​Credit Recovery
​Gr 12 Personal Life Mgmt
Gr 12 Pers. Economic Choices
​Gr 12 English
​Gr 11/12 Literacy Course
​Gr 12 English
​Gr 11 Equity Diversity and Social Justice
Gr 12 Living in a Sustainable World
Gr 11 Business: Info and Communication Technology
Gr 11 Raising Healthy Children