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Our team

JFleming.jpgJulia Fleming
Classroom Teacher
Brian Bonnell.jpg
Brian Bonnell

Educational Asst.
C Robertson.jpg
Craig Robertson

Coop Ed. Teacher
Lyanne Rouse

Face-to-face classes 2020-2021

Semester 2
​Term 3
​Term 4
Gr 12 Math (Workplace) Gr 12 Science (Workplace) Gr 11 Visual Arts (Crafts)

eLearning courses 2020-2021

Semester 2Term 3Term 4
Gr 12 Science (Workplace)
Gr 11 Environmental Science
Gr 12 Math (Workplace)
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 12 English
Gr 11 Business: The Digital Environment
Gr 11 Business: Enterprising Person
Gr 12 Making Personal Economic Choices

Gr 12 Navigating the Workplace
Gr 11 Interdisciplinary