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FB_IMG_1592335319616 (3).jpgSimcoe Shores Bradford Campus has a rich HISTORY that the students dive into.

Our team

AFerris.jpgAngela Ferris
Classroom Teacher
RGreenwood.jpgRhonda Greenwood
Educational Asst.
MLevely 3 (2).jpgMairi Levely
Coop Ed. Teacher
RouseLyanne.jpgLyanne Rouse

Face-to-face classes 2021-2022

​Semester 1
​Term 1
​Term 2

Gr 11 Travel and Tourism

Gr 12 Personal Res. Mgmt

Gr 11 Math (Wkpl)

eLearning courses 2021-2022

Semester 1Term 1Term 2
Gr 11 Math (College)
Gr 12 Interdisciplinary: College Science Prep
Gr 12 Math (Wkpl)
​Gr 11 Forces of Nature
​Gr 11 Interdisciplinary; Creating Comm. Change
Gr 10 Discover the Workplace
​Gr 11 Law
Credit Recovery
Credit Recovery
Gr 11 Bus: Retail Services