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 Barrie (South)

South at Blue2.jpgStudents at our South Campus are engaged in both academics, team building and community service.  The south campus supports community events throughout the year, including the food bank's Christmas Cheer, Pride, and our very own plaza Community Barbeque.

Our team

B BuchananMunshaw.JPGBrenda Buchanan-Munshaw
Classroom Teacher
Sean Rogers1.jpgSean Rogers
Classroom Teacher
WilliamsonSam.jpgSam Williamson
Classroom Teacher
Jennifer Wereschuk.jpgJenn Wereschuk
Coop Ed. Teacher
Shelley Rose1.jpgShelley Rose
Educational Asst.
RouseLyanne.jpgLyanne Rouse

Face-to-face classes 2020-2021

​Semester 2
​Term 3
​Term 4

Gr 12 English

Gr 12 Interdisciplinary: Hist. of Rock and Roll

Gr 11 World History since 1900 (20th Century)

 Gr 12 Math (Workplace)

Gr 12 Science (Workplace)

Gr 11 Business: Enterprising Person 

 Gr 11 Equity, Diversity, and Soc. Justice

 Gr 9 Expressions of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Cultures

Gr 11 Phys. Ed: Indiv. Activities 

eLearning courses 2020-2021

Semester 2Term 3Term 4
Gr 12 Science (Workplace)
Gr 11 Environmental Science
Gr 12 Math (Workplace)
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 12 English
Gr 11 Business: The Digital Environment
Gr 11 Business: Enterprising Person
Gr 12 Making Personal Economic Choices

Gr 12 Navigating the Workplace
Gr 11 Interdisciplinary