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 Barrie (North)


The North Barrie Campus is housed within the Bayfield Mall and partners with Barrie Learning Centre and the Career Centre.  Students are supported by teaching staff in a variety of roles, see our team below.

Our team

Gregory Taylor.jpgGreg Taylor
Classroom & eLearning Teacher
Soave,Virginia.jpgVirginia Soave
Classroom Teacher
BeerNathan.jpgNathan Beer
Coop Teacher

Stephanie Cortese1.jpgSteph Cortese 
eLearning Teacher
Shelley Rose1.jpgShelley Rose
Educational Asst.
V Iceton.jpgVictoria Iceton

Face-to-face classes 2020-2021

​Semester 2
​Term 3
​Term 4
Gr 11 Dynamics of Human Relationships
Gr 11 Math (Workplace) Gr. 12 Science (Workplace)
Gr 12 English Gr 12 Adventures in History
Gr 11 Law (Workplace)

eLearning courses 2020-2021

Semester 2Term 3Term 4
Gr 12 Science (Workplace)
Gr 11 Environmental Science
Gr 12 Math (Workplace)
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 11 English: Indigenous Focus
Gr 12 English
Gr 11 Business: The Digital Environment
Gr 11 Business: Enterprising Person
Gr 12 Making Personal Economic Choices

Gr 12 Navigating the Workplace
Gr 11 Interdisciplinary