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Ontario Secondary School Diploma Graduation Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Students must earn the following compulsory credits to obtain an OSSD:

​4​credits in English
​3​credits in Mathematics
​2​credits in Science
​1​credit in Canadian History
​1​credit in Canadian Geography
​1​credit in the Arts
​1​credit in Health and Physical Education
​1​credit in French as a Second Language
​0.5​credit in Career Studies
​0.5​credit in Civics

Students must also choose one credit from each of the following groups:

​1E​nglish or French as a second language, a Native language, a classical or an international language, social sciences and the humanities, Canadian and world studies, guidance and career education cooperative education
​1​health and physical education, the arts, business studies, French as a second language, cooperative education
science (Grade 11 or 12), technological education, French as a second language, computer studies, cooperative education

In addition to compulsory credits, students must complete:

​12 optional credits
​40 hours of community involvement activities*
Literacy requirement (successful completion of Grade 10 Literacy Test or literacy course)**

  * The Ministry of Education has determined that graduates of the 2021-2022 school year, due to COVID, will require 20 hours of community service

  **The Ministry of Education has determined that graduates of the 2021-2022 school year, due to COVID, will be exempt from the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Requirement.

Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC)

The Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) will be granted, on request, to students who are leaving secondary school upon reaching the age of eighteen without having met the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. To be granted an OSSC, a student must have earned a minimum of 14 credits, distributed as follows:

​credits in English
​credit in mathematics
​credit in science
​credit in Canadian history or Canadian geography
​credit in health and physical education
​credit in the arts, computer studies, or technological education 
​ credits selected by the student from available courses